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angle-left Abdul Hakim Muzani

Abdul Hakim Muzani



I have a huge load of imagination, and a ton of curiosity to go with it.

“I often ponder on things, and ask questions about it. I’m always amazed (and thankful) by the discovery of coffee as drinks. Imagine a world without coffee drinks.. It’ll be like Star Wars without lasers and jedis. I like working here because there are tons of things i can get curious to, and plenty of chance to let my imagination to form into something. All that, with relaxing environment and close to infinite supply of coffee.. Nuff said”

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Front & back end developer
Reading magazines
Getting coffee

I like to make sure that when I start a new project to get to the bottom of it. Making sure every detail is clear and thought trough so the development is being done the best way possible.


As a true Star Wars fan I believe the force is also available within everyone one of us ;) Making sure you do your work to the fullest brings the best outcome. In a company where I can develop as well as look into new things I have found a place that fits my ambitions.


Java, Javascript, Angular JS & Bootstrap. I try to bring value to RITHM developing the best of my abilities. Web technology will not go under the dust anytime soon. But now, mobile is lifestyle. Going mobile is in high demand.

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