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angle-left Alexis Romagnoli

Alexis Romagnoli


Hello, my name is Alexis. I am the wizard of RITHM :)

“No I do not live in emerald city or have a lion visiting me. They call me the wizard because I can fix anything that is down and sometimes seems to be unfixable I guess you could say I am a very experienced senior service administrator and software engineer. I love to look into the servers behind the applications and see where things are going wrong. Besides checking out servers and making sure they are up & running I like to work in applications as well. In the past years I have developed quite a set of tools that I can use the way they fit the most.”

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Let’s get RITHM

Fixing anything that needs to be fixed
Being the techy family man
Tech tech tech :)

Python, PHP, SQL, Java, Ruby, Perl, Shell scripting, Android Devel, Bootstrap, jQuery, MongoDB, C++, ReactJS, NodeJS, MeteorJS, Javascript, CSS, SAAS, HTML


I believe every software engineer should try to understand as many tools as they can come up with. Maybe not be able to use them all but at least know what they can do so you can always make the most perfect solution using the right toolset.


In all the years I have been at RITHM I have seen how valuable a guy like me is. There is always something to look into when you know the languages I do.

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