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Igor Bonny Panggabean


Hello, my name is Igor. I like efficiency. I always try to do anything as efficient as possible.

“That means to make sure that after something is done, you won’t need extra time to fix it, or more time to improve it in the future. I love working here because I get to be as efficient as possible, and I can share this spirit to the other. Because when more people is becoming efficient, I can quickly go back to bed and enjoy leisure time without worrying things might breaking down”

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I am a full stack developer. During my years as a developer I noticed that the best way to work as efficient as possible is to make sure you know youre way around all the tools that are available. Offcourse I try to bring focus, because there are simply to many amazing tools to know them all.


I believe that when you have a clear view on the project with the knowledge of all the tools that are available you can be a great developer and advisor in software projects. I try to find out the exact skill needed for the project to make sure the development is being done as efficiently as can be done


I deliver value as a full stack developer and have speciliazed in Angular JS, Python and Django,

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