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angle-left Nanda Gustiawan Kamil

Nanda Gustiawan Kamil

Server Administrator

I am an ambitious, self motivated, confident, optimistic system administrator. Always believe that nothing is impossible, nothing is too hard, nothing is out of reach.

“Just work harder and make all happen. An adventurous guy who love rafting, climbing mountains. I don't trip, I do random gravity checks. Soft jazz and instrumental music listener. Yiruma fans :) And be a part of team as a System Administrator who working in European ambience with many friendly and talented colleagues across the globe! Surely, could not ask for more.”

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Keeping all systems up & running
Allround optimist
Best colleague ever!

Where there are software applications there are servers they need to run on. And those servers do not always listen to the fullest. So it's my job to make sure everything keeps running the way it should. And making sure every clock is ticking correctly is a thing I love to do!


As you can imagine people do not like it when they see 'all systems down'. So I do my best to make sure this doesn't happen. But every once in a while it does happen. The way I see it, you can do things: Be annoyed about it, or fix it with a smile. I like to choose the second :)


I use my skills to give value to RITHM. I think with a smile on my face and a joke every hour I can add a lot of value to a great company.

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