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Sarwo Dwi Waskito


My name is Sarwo Dwi Waskito. Usually people call me Tito

“I love working here on Rithm as a web developer. It's enjoyable. The ambience is great. The people is friendly. And also have many friends outside of the country. I love to learn something new, always get the task done and believe that everything is always possible. I am a huge fan of Italian football team, AC Milan, and love watching football match, but ironically a terrible football player. I also love to listen to music especially metal genre, watch good movies or TV series and also loves to play video game on free time.”

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Let’s get RITHM

Develop masterpieces
Trying to hack Marvel to stop Thanos
Learning new tools

Java, Spring Framework, Hibernate, jQuery, Bootstrap, SASS


If I do not have people at work that I like I can not find myself to stay at that company. The way I see it working with people you like and spending a lot of time with them makes your work a nice place.


As a software engineer I provide RITHM with all the value I can. Sometimes by working on cool projects, other times because of the help I give to my co-engineers. I believe that as a team we get the best results

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